Clients who come to our Center to receive high-quality, family based care, fall under several different headings. These include:


Transgender and gender-fluid kids:

Children and adolescents who do not identify with the gender they were assigned at birth, and instead, identify as "a different” gender.


Gender-non conforming kids:

Children and adolescents who exhibit behavior that varies from the gender they were assigned at birth, but do not necessarily feel like they clearly occupy one gender.


Gender-questioning kids:

Children and adolescents who are questioning and are unsure of their gender identity.


We work with all family members and have a keen awareness of the impact of gender non-conformity on individuals, siblings and parents. We also have a powerful sense of the role of development in the process of transition or non-conformity.

What sets our Center apart from many others, is our high level of competency around working with trans kids. Having a strong and complex sense of the biological, psychological and social issues facing trans kids, we are prepared to help kids and their families.


We recognize both the beauty and complexity in transitioning in childhood, along with the psychological impact of this reality.


We are actively in support of working with kids, schools and families through the transitioning process.


We will work with any children, beginning at the age of 4. If the presenting issue is gender variance,

we are prepared with effective and affirming treatment. If the presenting problem is anxiety, depression or trauma, we are ready with play based interventions to aid with those issues as well.