Renn Kinnear, MA


Renn Kinnear holds a master’s degree in clinical psychology, and has been a training clinician at Walnut Psychotherapy Center since the winter of 2015. She is continuing her education as a current psychology doctoral candidate, and working on a second master’s in Human Sexuality.  Her academic research focuses on parenting in polyamorous families.  In her therapy, here at Walnut Psychotherapy Center, she aims to create an environment that encourages exploration and autonomy.  She likes to assist her clients in tapping into a greater understanding of themselves to enhance self-acceptance, and empowerment.


B.A. Sociology

Quinnipiac University


M.A. Clinical Psychology

Widener University


Doctoral Candidate, Clinical Psychology

Widener University



Identity Development, Emerging Adulthood,

Non-traditional Families, Sexuality, Gender,

Deaf Culture.



Blended Psychodynamic and Systems Approach, utilizing theories of attachment, and relational therapy, with the larger social context informed

by feminist theory.