This is a Center based on the use of psychodynamic, long term treatment. We will treat someone for however long or short they wish. Further, the treatment we offer is based on the most enduring theories available, all of which include the honoring of attachment and the complexity of trauma.


We won’t rush assessment, create interventions that don’t make sense, or hasten the therapy process for any of our clients.


When a client comes to us they will be thought of with the utmost intricacy and care. Rather than seeking to rid our clients of symptoms, we will help to lessen symptoms by making meaning of them and respecting their long-standing role in our clients‘ efforts to function. While we might have to diagnose for insurance purposes, this will not be what leads our thinking together.

We exist to treat, learn and grow together in a way that honors complex psychological functioning and the interplay among identity, development and attachment.

We will see anyone. This Center

is dedicated to ultimate inclusion

and treatment transparency.


We don’t see ourselves as the

experts, but as partners on the path

towards wellness.


We see the world as one that suffers

with profound unwellness and consider that

fact, before localizing the possibility of unwellness in individual minds.

Our central core competency will be in the treatment of the LGBTQ population (across the lifespan).