Josh Freker, MSS, LSW


I foster a reassuring and calm space because I know that therapy can be uncomfortable for many people. If you find it hard to talk about yourself, I will work with you to find language and explore your experiences. I strive to understand the distinctive contours of your life without making assumptions or snap judgments.


My work is guided by psychodynamic and relational ideas. This means I believe the unique relationship between a therapist and a client can be a tool to gain meaning and healing. It also means I’m curious about how your past and unconscious shape you, but I’m not deterministic about that. I can focus on short-term challenges and solutions. I will listen to your needs and follow your lead, but I will also share my questions and interpretations.


MSS. (MSW equivalent)

Bryn Mawr College Graduate School

of Social Work & Social Research.


BA. Swarthmore College.


I am a licensed social worker (LSW), and a member of the PA Society for Clinical Social Work, the American Assoc. for Psychoanalysis in Social Work, and the Phila. Society for Psychoanalytic Psychology.



Identity Exploration (Sexuality, Gender Identity, Racial / Ethnic, Intersectional), Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Existential Concerns, Parenting, Relationships, Adoption, Sex / Desire,

Obsessive Thoughts, Social Isolation / Anxiety,

Grief / Loss, Immigration.



Psychodynamic, Relational, Attachment-based, Trauma-Informed and Client-Centered.