Aybala Öztürk, MSS, LSW


Aybala works with individuals using the therapeutic relationship to co-create a safe space conducive to fostering wellness and growth. They value the importance of a non-judgmental and supportive approach in the creation of spaces that celebrate diverse identities. They believe in the importance of meeting individuals where they are and working together to find wellness best suited to the client.  Aybala works with people on addressing challenges related to the here-and-now, as well as past experiences and how they relate to relational and attachment struggles. Aybala understands the complexity of the human experience and is motivated to assist folks in finding relief.



MSS: Clinical Social Work.

School of Social Work & Social Research.



Trauma, PTSD, Gender Identity, Sexuality, Substance Use, Current & Former Sex Work,  Grief and Loss, Depression, Life Transitions/Adjustments, Anxiety, Immigration, Housing Insecurity.