Alexis Okeke, MSW, LSW


Alexis is a licensed social worker who provides individual therapy. They promote the individuality of clients through utilizing strengths based and client centered approaches to care, while also maintaining a collaborative relationship with clients. Alexis' practice is highly informed by theories of Black Feminism and Womanism. They strive to create an environment for clients that promotes healing for those with histories of trauma. Alexis has specialized experience in working with LGBTQ people of color, people experiencing homelessness, as well as people dealing with intimate partner violence, depression, anxiety, childhood trauma, and identity formation.


MSW. University of Pennsylvania.

Philadelphia, PA


Social Work Internship.

Trans Care Services at Mazzoni Center.


BA. Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies.

Minor in African-American Studies.

Georgia State University. Atlanta, GA



Gender, Sexuality, Race / Racism, Childhood Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, Intimate Partner Violence, Homelessness, Late Adolescence, Adults, Identity Formation



Psychodynamic, Relational, Multicultural.