Welcome to Walnut Psychotherapy Center. We are a team of psychotherapists trained to help you:


• Find fulfillment in your life.


• Reduce the symptoms that create

suffering for you.


• To support you having intimate

and loving relationships.


We are wholeheartedly subscribed to understanding the complexity of the human mind and condition. We think of our histories, our attachments and our traumas as essential facets of the puzzle that make up how we function in the world today.

We consider the therapeutic relationship as the vehicle that can provide the potential for long term change and growth. Opting to use interventions based on long standing theory, we don’t subscribe to trends about wellness. Instead, we adhere to the belief that change takes time and that insight and trust are required to create a lasting difference.


As a group of highly trained, thoughtful and experienced psychotherapists we are interested in learning all about your thoughts, your feelings, your relationships, your identity and understanding everything that makes you, you.


• We are here to serve individuals,

families and couples.


• We are here to serve a diverse city.


• We are highly committed to serving a broad population of individuals and have a particular interest in honoring the struggle of marginalized populations, including anyone made to feel different because of race, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomics, disability, body size, or trauma history.